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August 2019 Newsletter : Cylchlythyr Misol Awst 2019

Whenever you have a renewal of gas / electricity / home and car insurance always check quotes with a price comparison website.  You will probably find an equivalent cheaper deal, often with your existing supplier!


A new “online will” service has been launched by one of the major Cardiff law firms whom I work alongside.  If you wish to prepare / review a will please let me know.  I can discuss the will and its implications with you and submit the details online.  The solicitors will then prepare a draft will without the need to visit them in their offices, leading to a saving of fees and simpler administration.  Please contact me for further details.


From 6 April 2020 more self employed workers in the private sector may find if they have an ongoing contract with a large company that their income will be taxed under PAYE rules.


There has been a review of Inheritance Tax.  Possible changes suggested include a simplification of the gift exemptions / a change of gift reliefs from 7 to 5 years / changes to Business Property and Aim shares relief.


The next Budget (s) could be interesting – I will prepare a special Budget newsletter after the Budget announcements.


Ask Huw: What can I do to make my holiday money go further?

At today’s rate in the wholesale market the £ will buy 1.08 euros and $1.21 at wholesale prices.  The record lows are Euro 1.02 in 2009 and for those with long memories, self included, $1.05 in 1985.

  • Never buy currency in the airport, you could lose a further 25% / ferries around 20%.  Post Office, John Lewis, M&S are competitive.
  • Use a credit card which does not have a transaction fee – Post Office.
  • Always pay in local currency not pounds. 
  • Outside the EU communication can be very expensive.  Turn off data roaming and use hotel / cafe wi-fi.  Limit communication to email / social media and use whats app for phone calls wherever possible. 


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